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Of all our research on tires, the most revolutionary finding is this: Tire pressure has almost no effect on a tire’s speed. As a result of Wild Planet’s rigorous testing protocol, we have recently discovered that the cans we have been using for our albacore and skipjack tuna have been found to contain trace amounts of BPA, despite the supplier’s certification and assurance that they are BPA-free.home improvement stores

Because there is a shortage of non-BPA cans as compared to the sales of canned products on the market at this time, the cans that our suppliers use can change based on what is available to them. To get the most benefit out of these lower pressures, you need supple tires.

I think the fence post spikes you used are best for a temporary situation where you might want to remove the posts some time later.  To top if all off, I was the one who was Googling about this information and frustrated that the blogs and news that have BPA free canned foods information do not offer detailed information.home improvement stores

You state there’s no clear trend and imply that that means there’s no reason to worry about lower tire pressures making one slower. Racers also wanted tires with profiles similar to the tubulars they sometimes used in criteriums, or on the track. When they put up the fence this week, they used fence post spikes instead of drilling post holes and securing the posts with concrete.home improvement stores

We did runs at various speeds for other tires. So when we find that switching from one tire model to another saves 5% in power, but that inflation pressures don’t make a significant difference, then that is useful data. Also, all of our canned soups and stews (including Joe’s Os) are in cans that DO have BPA.