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Repairs With Metal Epoxy

Precast concrete is where concrete is cast in a mould which is then cured in a controlled environment, transported to the construction site and then installed. Twentieth Century Building Materials, 1900-1950: An Annotated Bibliography. The Ferro-Concrete Style: Reinforced Concrete in Modern Architecture: With Four Hundred Illustrations of European and American Ferro- Concrete Design. Restoration of Buildings and Monuments.

Hollow Tile Construction: A Practical Explanation of Modern Methods of Designing and Building Fireproof Residences of Hollow Tile. In addition to being widely and cheaply available Iron is easy to cast into almost any shape, whilst its heat conducting properties are ideal for domestic heating.home improvement cast

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Modernist architecture and nationalist aspiration in the baltic: Two case studies. Modern Architectures: The Rise of a Heritage. Architectural Details for Every Type of Building: A Practical Drafting Room Guide for Contractors, Builders, Lumber Dealers, Millmen, Draftsmen, and Architects.