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Modern Fireplaces

Our previous house was a historic 1929 bungalow. I have found that after receiving their new mantel, many people have questions and want advice on the best ways to go about finishing a fireplace mantel. Just a couple more pieces of drywall. Typically this decision is made before buying the mantel as different wood types and materials are used in producing a mantel based on if it will be painted or stained.fireplace remodel

First of all, they can be much bigger than an indoor fireplace because the restrictions of space are not the same. Since the room is fairly large (23′ x 20′), putting all the furniture against the walls created a frat house” look, as the client said. The cabinets have a space between the walls to allow for a chase for electrical on this side and gas pipes on the opposite side.

I cut the front of the floor base down so I could attach the cut off piece on the bottom of the cabinet box for support. Whilst they don’t provide the same warmth as other fireplace options such as stone, they look great in a rustic environment and add an element of design.fireplace remodel

A fireplace mantel is also an excellent place to hang stockings and display cards around Christmas time. The new glass door, glass 3×6 tile on the walls, 12×12 porcelain tiles on the floor and chrome fixtures mix together to create a soothing feel. Your fireplace mantel can serve as another place to display gifts – think of is as an extension of the space under your Christmas tree.fireplace remodel

The floor plan shows the new symmetry of the windows and the orientation of the furniture to the fireplace and TV. The circulation was also improved. The client wanted surfaces that were easy to clean and maintain, and the quartz countertops in a Crème Limestone color and slate flooring were the perfect fit.