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How To Avoid Leakage On The Roof

For some people, the roof is the hallmark of a house. The existence of the roof as a housing cover brings a practical value. The roof has an essential function as a protector of the house from exposure to wind, heat, or rain.

Nowadays, there are various kinds of roofs. You can find the gable model, shield, and a combination of both. Although roofs vary, you still have to be careful in choosing the best one. If you choose the wrong one, the cost of repair would not be cheap. Especially when the rainy season comes, if the roof does not function properly, there will be a leak. In general, there are four causes of leaks.

First, you miscalculated the roof slope construction design. Supposedly, the roof of the house has a minimum angle of 30 degrees so that the water can flow smoothly. Do not let the level of the slope exceeds the minimum standard. Be careful; if the slope is more than 30 degrees, then the tile will easily slide.

Second, installation errors and carelessness. The wrong installation of tiles would cause a hole on the roof, and that’s the cause of leakage in the rainy season. Therefore, you should choose the best roof installation services.

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Third, the selection of materials. The use of roofing sheets such as asbestos, fibre cement, ardex, stainless steel, or bitumen is better compared to materials such as clay roof tiles, concrete roof tiles, ceramics, etc. The gaps between asbestos material have a slope less than 30 degrees so that the water will still flow smoothly.

Fourth, natural conditions. Changes in heat and cold weather continuously will make the house covering material wear or change. Small cracks on the roof would lead to leakage.

Therefore, we recommend you use a roof with a durable material to avoid leaks.