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Corrosion Of Cast Iron Pipe

The origin of the modern heating stove is intertwined with the history of domestic heating and cooking. Journal of Architectural Conservation 13 (2): 47-67. The dilemma of listing” modern buildings. In Structure and Style: Conserving Twentieth Century Buildings, edited by Michael Stratton, 103-42. In Twentieth-Century Building Materials: History and Conservation, edited by Thomas C. Jester, 194-99.home improvement cast

Repair of Ancient Buildings. Throughout the first sixty years of the twentieth century stoves sold primarily to the commercial sector – to the growing numbers of offices, shops, railway waiting rooms and public buildings – together with a buoyant export trade to the Empire.

While not specific to the twentieth century, APT is an invaluable resource for conserva- tion-related materials, including the APT Bulletin and APT Communiqué (an electronic newsletter for members). La Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (1953-1959) a Parigi: problem- atiche conservative di un edificio a curtain wall” The Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (1953-1959) in Paris: conservation problems of a curtain wall building.

American Building. The increased mass of a cast iron radiator will retain heat far longer than a thinner steel equivalent, leading to a steady, more prolonged, diffusion of heat rather than an abrupt cooling. Construction and Building Materials 18 (5): 339-48. Faber & Kell’s Heating and Air-Conditioning of Buildings.home improvement cast

A Historical Bibliography of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urbanism in the United States since World War II. Evansville, IN: Recent Past Preservation Network. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers – Structures and Buildings 116 (3-4): 317-34.home improvement cast