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BPA Free Canned Food Brands

Of all our research on tires, the most revolutionary finding is this: Tire pressure has almost no effect on a tire’s speed. I think the biggest reason for racers not using wider tires is due to wider performance tires not being generally available until recently. I also want to re-emphasize that with any tire testing of this type, it’s important to make sure that the test encompasses the full range of speeds one would expect in actual riding.home improvement stores

A major factor in me moving to lower pressures is the Tire Drop article in BQ Volume 5, number 4. The article reinforced for me the best method of airing up tires when I was a kid in the 60s and most pumps did not have gauges. My riding partner Mark laughed (he has a computer on his bike) and said: We are going the speed we usually do around here.” Yet to me, with 120 psi in the tires instead of 80 (this was on 32 mm tires), it felt way faster.home improvement stores

The overall percentage of our products packaged in non-BPA cans is 27%, and going forward we will not be accepting any new canned products with BPA in the lining material. The question on whether higher pressures result in lower rolling resistance has been settled – not just our testing, but also that of all the professional teams who are running wider tires at lower pressures now.home improvement stores

We did runs at various speeds for other tires. So when we find that switching from one tire model to another saves 5% in power, but that inflation pressures don’t make a significant difference, then that is useful data. Also, all of our canned soups and stews (including Joe’s Os) are in cans that DO have BPA.

Our crab and shrimp are high acid and the canning industry is still working on an alternative to BpA free lined cans for high acid foods. The real revolution is not how you use your pump… What has totally changed our riding are the wide, supple tires, which only work because of this new insight.